Amsterdam, NL | Lisha Chen
A two day shoot to catch that golden hour during the winter times. I bring all my gear, but end up using mostly handheld shots to match the dancer's feeling.   
Sapa, VN | Tu Hoang 
We filmed this at a river in a remote village in North Vietnam. The fog adds a softer feeling to the image, while the river gives a random but peaceful dynamic. We are both standing on the rocks, and I'm using a kit lens for the wide shot, stolen from my parents. No music was used while filming. 
Saigon, VN | Snoopp Gee
An abandoned neighbourhood, set up during the corona times. I wanted to film a one-shot with the dancer using the surroundings, and me finding multiple compositions. Put in some edits to see what we can get from just one shot. Thanks Thang Le for the location. 
Sapa, VN |Tu Hoang & Tuan Tran
 A quick shoot as we are exploring the top of the mountain Fansipan. It's around closing time so everyone left, and we have the place for ourselves. Still without scouting the location, we start the shoot, without using music to keep the place quiet.  
Amsterdam, NL | Thv Flood
We had 1 hour, so decided to walk around Amsterdam Central station and the Red Light district to film. What's special for me is that the dancer produced the music, and can dance with big movements but can also show smaller detailed movements with the fingers. 
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