Hi, I am Ky-Anh Tran, and I film dance as freestyle dancing is one of my passions. It started during the corona times, to support the PR of our university dance club. However it took me till a year ago (2023, June) to take filming dance more serious. 
My strengths are in my camera movement with the dancer and with the music. I do like filming improvisation, in the moment (with guided spatial movement), but I am also keen to film more choreographed dance, for those clean cuts :)
The focus for coming year is to include more story in my films and learn more about cinematography. Next to that I will keep making fun videos with friends with little preparation. 
Feel free to send me a message for work/collabs or just talking about filming dance. 
Currently shooting with manual focus only, using mostly Nikon vintage lenses, and Ronin SC gimbal. Camera's are the Panasonic S5 and GH5ii for that awesome handheld stabilization. Editing and color grading in Davinci Resolve
freestyle dance, videography, photography, editing, beach volleyball, jumping around, throwing things really far


software engineering, freelance videographer

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